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Welder, Flextec 450, 380-575V


Flextec 450




125 lbs



This heavy-duty, industrial, three-phase multi-process power source from Lincoln Electric scores big in MIG, flux-cored, submerged arc, stick and DC TIG welding. It's a great choice for arc gouging too. And flexibility doesn t mean complicated the DC-400 is easy to set-up and use. Changeover between processes is as simple as turning a switch with the factory or field installed multi-process switch. On-board ammeter and voltmeter make monitoring of key welding parameters a snap. Inductance and arc force controls allow the operator to efficiently refine the arc for the job at hand.

  • Large, conveniently located switch makes it easy to change between CC (Stick/TIG/arc gouging), CV (MIG/flux-cored) and CV Submerged Arc modes.
  • Arc force control adjusts short circuit current for a soft arc or a forceful driving arc in the CC (Stick/TIG) mode.
  • Arc control adjustment changes pinch effect of the arc to control spatter, fluidity, and bead shape in the MIG/Flux-Cored mode.
  • Capable of stick and DC TIG welding, and air carbon arc gouging with up to 5/16" (8mm) diameter carbon rods.
  • Solid state circuitry provides extra long life for repetitive welding applications.
  • Outstanding welding performance with a single range full output control potentiometer.
  • Analog ammeter/voltmeter are standard.
  • ᆬ_ᄆ10% input line voltage compensation for maintaining weld consistency.
  • Low profile case allows stacking machines up to three high to conserve floor space. (Stacking not recommended when using undercarriage.)
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