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We have the tools and equipment you need

A jobsite truck in front of a petrochemical plant

The Petrochemical Industry

Whether you’re working on a turn-key petrochemical plant or a refinery shutdown/turnaround project, Jobsite Industrial Rental Services has the tools you need to complete the project. Our large fleet contains specialized equipment for the petrochemical industry readily available for you.

Electrical distribution, a full line of welding equipment, and hazardous location tooling are just some of the tools we carry that are designed and dedicated for work in the petrochemical field. We maintain a large inventory of flange spreading equipment, bolting and fastening, negative air, and explosion proof lighting, so they are always in stock when you need them.

We know how important it is for petrochemical companies to have right tools onsite when you need them. We offer full size tool cribs that contains all the tools you need as well as a RFID bar code system that tracks the inventory. Our tool cribs limit the time spent searching for lost tools, discourages theft, and helps to maintain safety compliance.

At Jobsite Industrial Rental Services, we have the tools you need to succeed.



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