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Welder Exhaust Scrubber (Diesel or Propane)






Engine Driven

The M-Series line of Nett diesel exhaust catalytic converters utilizes metallic monolith catalyst supports. The supports are made from a corrugated, high temperature stainless steel foil. Packages of several foil layers are fitted in stainless steel housings and secured in place by stainless steel rings. A special herringbone foil corrugation pattern creates a mixed flow cell structure. Exhaust gases from the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) are forced into the turbulent flow regime resulting in better contact between gas and catalyst, enhanced mass-transfer conditions, and higher conversion efficiency. Selected physical properties of Nett metallic monoliths are listed in the table below.


The catalyst is deposited onto the foil prior to forming the substrate. A special foil washcoating process provides unequaled control of washcoat uniformity, adhesion, and efficient catalyst use. Thick washcoat concentrations in cell corners, which are inherent for other designs of metallic substrates, completely disappear with the precoated foil technology.

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