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Torque Multiplier, 4:1, 1/2" in - 3/4" out






Torque Wrenches

  • Used to multiply applied force for setting and removing high torque fasteners
  • Planetary gear system multiplies input force many times
  • Torque multipliers lower physical effort, resulting in smooth, steady application of torque and increased accuracy
  • Permits application of high torque without use of a long lever
  • Can be driven with a torque wrench
  • Kit includes straight and 90° reaction bars with reaction base (base not included in 719071 kit)
  • 90° bar and base rests against truck wheel rims when used to torque lug nuts
  • 1/2" drive models available with 3.3:1, 6.5:1 and 12:1 torque ratios
  • Higher ratios require lower input forces, reducing operator effort
  • All models include breakaway input adaptor to protect wrench from overload

    Input Drive1/2"
    Output Drive3/4"
    Gear Ratio9:1
    Torque Ratio6.5:1
    Max. Input170 ft/lbs
    Max. Output1,100 ft/lbs


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