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Tirfor, 1650 lb to 6600 lb







• Compact high strength steel housing
• Light weight, simple and safe to operate
• May be used in any position to lift, pull, lower, or stretch heavy loads
• The rope clamp system is easily disengaged with a lever, allowing smooth installation of the wire rope
• Overload protection is built-in with a shear pin in the forward lever, which will break when overloaded. The broken pins can be replaced without removing the load and spare shear pins are conveniently located in the rubber sleeve of the telescopic handle for SGP-75A and in the carrying handle for the SGP-150A and SGP-300A
• The design enables wire rope to be fed through 2 sets of wear resistant interlocking jaws by a single operating lever
• The SGP Wire Rope Pulling Hoist has a parallel clamping system, which has a large surface contact area, providing an evenly distributed grip at a lower force that results in less rope wear and maximum safety. The system offers a longer rope advance and requires less handle pulling effort, thus increasing operator efficiency

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