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Steam Heater, Electric, Explosion Proof, 24", 110V






191 lbs



Ruffneck HP heat exchanger hydronic unit heaters are extra heavy-duty (including heavy gauge steel construction) to meet the most demanding service and long life requirements for rugged industrial applications, such as space heating and liquid cooling. The HP Series heaters are suitable for a wide range of heating fluids including steam, hot water, glycol, and oil.

Ruffneck HP Features And Benefits:

  • Semicircular headers to withstand high operating pressures for steam or liquid service.
  • Epoxy coated 14-gauge steel cabinet construction.
  • Plated capscrew fasteners; no sheet metal screws used.
  • Steel construction core with tension-wound, close-fitting aluminum fins.
  • Highly resistant to corrosive agents, including hydrogen sulfide.
  • Pressure ratings based on a nominal 5:1 safety factor; designed for pressures up to 400 psi; all units are 100 percent leak tested.
  • Engineered for easy maintenance, all parts are easily removed; the core is fully removable without disturbing heater mounting arrangement or electrical connections.
  • Available in single-pass or multi-pass configurations (multi-pass for liquid service only).
  • Narrow-gap, epoxy coated fan guard.
  • Optional Heresite coating on core and/or cabinet for severe corrosive environments.

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