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Precipitator, 1400 CFM






290 lbs


Fume Extraction

The ENVIROMAC™ Portable Welding Smoke Extractor is ideal for portable and fixed welding, dust and oil mist applications. The contaminant is trapped at the source, thus maximizing the protection to the operator by removing contaminant before it enters the operators breathing area. The unit recycles clean air back into the building thus eliminating additional heating or cooling costs. Ideal for smoke and fume extraction in the welding and manufacturing industries, this mobile fume extractor is equipped with the following features:

  • High efficiency washable filter and activated carbon in both doors. There is also an optional throwaway paper filter or a 99.997% HEPA filter.
  • Portability and flexibility to accommodate use in hard to reach places
  • The Snorkvac™ Fume Extractor Snorkel Arm which is 10ft.(3M) long and 6"(160MM) wide. The Snorkvac™ Fume Arm is uniquely designed and externally supported to minimize the restriction to the air flow and minimizing any pressure drop. This makes adjustments and hose replacements much easier than an internally supported arm.
  • Air diverter increases capture distance and gives uniform air flow
  • Standalone adjustable contactor overload to maximize the protection to the motor. The top panel (Electrical Control Panel) of the machine allows easy access to the electrical components.
  • Ease of movement with 2 – 5” fixed casters and 2 – 5” rotating casters with a brake.
  • Units are of sturdy construction and flame resistant as they are manufactured out of 14 gauge cold rolled steel and painted with a baked on powder coat.
  • Simple operation provides a safer work environment for all team members.

Electrical Requirements:
The units have 25 ft. of primary cable. The MAC1 runs off a 120 volt, 20 amp service outlet. The MAC2 runs off a 120 volt, 15 amp service outlet. The motors have thermal overload protection on the actual motor.

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