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Light, Cart, 200W LED







Light up your large construction jobs, concrete pours, events, and parties with our 200W 22,000 Lumen LED Cart Light.  The Panels include the latest in Chip On Board (COB) LED Technology that are designed to give you the best quality light with the durability you expect.  The 110% Efficient LED’s only require 1.7 amps of current, which means you won’t need as much power to run this light.  This will save you power, time and money.  The base of this Cart Light is perfect for a small portable generator that can be used as the power source.  Guess what?  At only 1.7 amps you will be able to run other tools off that same generator.  CEP is driven to provide you cost & power saving solutions, so do not forget to check out our other LED Lighting Options.

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