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Lifting Magnet






275 lbs


Tugger / Winch (CERTIFIED)

Standard Features Include: 
  • One piece suspension frame.
  • Low effort to lift maximum load.
  • A great concentration of power with ASME B30.20 rating.
  • Fully machined lift wheel.
  • On & off handle lock. The handle controls an inner magnetic system for safe and easy operation.
  • Use of high-energy magnetic material ensures a compact, lightweight and durable design.
  • Simple locking witch handle enable safe, quick and easy one-handle operation.
  • Very low residual magnetism for quick and efficient handling of work pieces.
  • Large shackle top fitting for easy attachment of slings and rigging.
  • V slot in bottom lifting face for lifting rounds as well as flats.
  • Clear markings of duration for varying shaped work pieces, lifting conditions, air gap, steel thickness, etc.

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