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Life-Line, Self Retracting, 20' - 60'





  • Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL’s) are connectors that extend and retract as the worker moves around.
  • SRL’s use a locking mechanism similar to that of a seatbelt.
  • Under normal use, the worker can move about while the SRL keeps them connected between the harness and anchor point.
  • If the worker slips or falls, the mechanism locks the SRL, preventing further extension of the lifeline.
  • SRL’s offer the worker the greatest amount of mobility and work distance from the anchor point.
  • SRL’s offer shorter stopping distances that traditional lanyards.
  • PeakWorks’ new series of premium Self-Retracting Lifelines is manufactured in Germany to exacting specifications using lightweight aluminum or plastic housings for maximum operator comfort
  • Certified to CSA Z259.2.1
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