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Jack, Low Profile Lock Nut, 300 Ton Capacity, 5-7/8" Stroke




Eagle Pro


512 lbs



The Eagle Pro EL series includes an alloy steel lock nut for mechanical load holding.  The EL series is constructed of a high strength alloy steel to maximize durability.  The hardened chrome piston reduces damage caused from wear and corrosion.  The over flow port functions as a stroke limiter. 

The EL series includes hardened grooved replaceable saddles.  Composite bearings prevent metal-to-metal contact.  Quick reaction times are obtained through with heavy-duty straight pull return springs.  An environmentally friendly coating process produces a finish that further increases durability.  The included rugged, EAB-201A female coupler and dust cover  prevent dirt and debris from entering the hydraulic system. The Eagle Pro EL series complies with ASME B30.1 standards

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