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Iron Worker, 50 Ton, 575V






1700 lbs



Piranha P-50 ironworker machines are the entry-level of the iconic line of Piranha hydraulic ironworker machines, but they don’t lack the toughness and precision that is expected from a Piranha Ironworker. They are just the right tool for many jobs, but if you need more, check out our full line of ironworker machines.

  1. Urethane Stripper Attachment- keeps material flat through the punching process, eliminating
    distortion.  The shorter required stroke gives you a faster punching cycle.
  2. Mechanical Shear Hold-downs- clamps material at change of material thickness.  Part movement is eliminated by clamping the part throughout the entire shearing cycle.
  3. Visibility- a direct line of sight over the hold down bar allows the operator to easily and accurately line up cuts to the shear blades.
  4. Flat Bar Shear- the low rake angle shear design results in flatter and higher quality sheared parts.  Shear blades have four usable edges giving you a longer life and less expensive blades.
  5. Angle Shear- the square upper angle knife has four cutting radius to better fit the angle being sheared, giving you lower distortion and a higher quality cut.
  6. Coper Notcher- the low rake angle blade keeps part flat and under control during notching.

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