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Hoist, Electric, 3 ton 575V






235 lbs


Electric Hoist (CERTIFIED)

The compact aluminum die-cast body features exceptional rigidity and effective protection against dust and water. It has a simple structure and uses minimal parts, while the fine-tuned load-chain profile better exploits the lighter hoist body weight compared to the previous ER.

  1. Inverter - Smooth Transitional Speed
    The dual-speed inverter delivers smoother movement than the pole change motor, reducing the load swing, while the high-to-low speed ratio can be set to a large value. These allow smooth starts and improve low-speed stops and positioning accuracy. The standard speed ratio is 6:1; adjustable up to 12:1* for lifting and 10:1* for traversing.
    * For non-standard speed ratios, please request them when placing order.
  2. Original Push Button Control
    Your comfort and safety are assured with push button pendants that are fitted with ergonomic controls and an emergency stop button.
  3. Load Sheave-reduced Vibration
    Increasing the number of load sheave pockets helps relieve vibrations produced by the revolving polygonal sheave on the hoist’s body and load chain.

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