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Gantry Crane 4400lb Capacity, 140"-180" Lift Range








EME Aluminum Gantry Cranes (CERTIFIED)

All cranes come with trolley and beam up to 15ft.

Lift Ability

  • ALL EME aluminum, portable, Gantry Cranes may be moved safely while under Full-rated Load.
  • We offer a capacity range of one-half tonne to five-tonne Gantry Cranes.
  • Our proprietary Hollow Beam is light-weight, and available in lengths up to 30 feet (9.14 m).
  • High lift-to-weight ratio – up to 26:1 lift-to-weight, much higher than steel gantries.


  • Compared to a heavy steel Gantry Crane, which is awkward and difficult to move, an eme Gantry Crane is light, easy to build, and portable.
  • It only takes two people to build a Standard eme Gantry Crane.
  • Because of their lightness and portability, our Gantry Cranes can be used for many jobs in many locations – within a single building, or transported via a pickup truck to other locations. In other words, you get a LOT of bang for your buck!


  • High tech, ALL-aluminum-alloy construction (Legs, Beam, Beam Trolley).
  • Portability: Easily transported between job sites in a standard-sized pickup truck, and easily made compact for storage.
  • Locking 'Surround-Beam' Trolley rides on top of the Beam and cannot derail — which enhances Operator safety.
  • Hollow Beam allows for 'ground-up assembly' – Standard Gantry Cranes built easily by two people.
  • Casters that lock independently (for swivel and roll), for Gantry to be steered and rolled under Load.
  • Easy-grip, Operator-friendly Handles for Height Adjustment.
  • Aluminum Billet Handles on Beam for easy carrying.
  • Grade L9 Plated Fasteners.

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