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Drill, Electric, Diamond Core, 1/2" - 10"






51 lbs



Husqvarna DMS 240 Core Drill Rig 965173601

The DMS 240 is a complete core drilling system for a large variety of drilling applications. It is the most powerful system in the Husqvarna drill motor stand range. The stand is tiltable and features a convenient handle.

  • Perfect for drilling reinforced concrete, bricks, and other building material for waste evacuation pipes, barriers, road signs, as well as ventilation and plumbing channels.
  • The stand can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees for angle drilling.
  • Twin gear carriage allows for accurate alignment that requires minimal adjustment.
  • 1-1/4"-7 thread drill connection
  • Drill holes up to 10" (153mm) in diameter.
  • 24" drilling stroke.
  • 2400 watts / 20 amp motor with an two-speed 185/455 rpm gearbox and electric overload protection.
  • Mechanical clutch reduces risk of motor damage.
  • Base Material Cast Aluminum, 4 leveling screws.



  • Light and compact, so it is easy to transport and mount the stand.
  • Fast set-up with the integrated vacuum base eliminates anchoring or clamping.
  • Equipped with stabilizing guide rollers for accurate drilling as well as cleaner, straighter holes.
  • The back support is clamped to the column with a rigid patented locking system, stabilizing operations.
  • Adjustment screws on the base plate, carriage, and back support can be adjusted with the feed handle.
  • The stand has a jacking screw on the top for easy clamping of the stand.
  • The stand is equipped with transport wheels.
  • Vacuum pump available.

Husqvarna DMS 240 Core Drill Rig Specifications
MotorSingle Phase, Electric
Power2.9 hp/ 2,200 W/ 20 amps
Bit Capacity10 inch
Travel Length24 inch
Connection1-1/4"-7 thread
Weight51 lbs

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