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Clamp, Beam 1/2 Ton to 5 Ton






Trolley & Beam Clamp (CERTIFIED)

  • Can be used for suspending loads or inverted as a clamp for vertical lifting of flanged beams
  • Jaw design reduces stress on beam flanges by distributing load away from edges
  • Equal width jaws assure best possible stability
  • Threaded handle allows for ease of installation and portability
  • Special locking screw mechanism ensures the unit stays tight, increasing safety
  • Can be adjusted to fit securely on a wide range of flange and beam widths
  • Built-in suspension bar provides ultra low headroom
  • Meets ANSI B30.11 and B30.20 specifications (Certificate included)
  • Tested to 150% of rated capacity
  • Maximum angle from vertical 15° when used for lifting beams

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